Online Training Policies:

  • You have ONE MONTH (31 days) from the date you receive your student log-in to complete your online course (Lash Lift course you have 2 weeks, 14 days). No exceptions. This course is usually completed within 3-5 days, so you're guaranteed to finish within the month as long as you don't wait last minute.
  • Failure to complete the training within the time limit stated above will result in you paying fees to continue OR you forfeit the course. After the month, these fees are $20/day or $100/week. You will have 72 hours after your course expires to send in the extension payment or your account will be PERMANENTLY DELETED and can be recovered for $300. No exceptions.
  • Your certificate is provided ONLINE. You MUST download your certificate before your account deletes within the month given to you. Failure to do so will require you to pay the extension fees to extend your acct in order for you to download it. You CANNOT receive your certificate without an active account. A physical copy is NOT mailed to you. You will be responsible to print it out once the course is completed. 

Online Shipping Policies:

  • ALL shipping and billing information will be processed as YOU entered it. TTMN Beauty Bar is not responsible for missing packages due to incorrect address information on customer’s behalf. Include all unit or apt numbers and buzzer numbers if applicable. If you made a mistake during checkout please contact customer service ASAP before shipment. After shipment you need to contact UPS. 
  • ALL KITS REQUIRE A SIGNATURE. YOU are responsible for keeping track of you kit shipment to ensure you’re available to sign. If the kit gets shipped back due to your negligence another shipping fee will have to be paid in order for a new one to be shipped out. 
  • Once items are shipped out, ANY concerns about tracking or misplaced packages need to be discussed with the SHIPPING PROVIDER. Pretty I.R.L Lash Co has no control over the package once it’s shipped out. Call UPS. 
  • There are NO REFUNDS and NO EXCHANGES. No exceptions.

In- Person Training Policies

  • $100 Deposit is required to secure all training dates. This deposit is NON REFUNDABLE
  • Total remaining of course is due at the BEGINNING OF THE COURSE (not when the course is finished)
  • NO guests allowed (parents, spouses, friends, children or pets)
  • Lash models for training is the student’s responsibility. You will NOT be provided with one
  • ALL payment methods other than cash (debit, credit, Apple Pay, and E-transfer) WILL BE CHARGED 13% TAX.

Nail Appointment Policies

  • NO GUESTS allowed during your appointment UNLESS they are getting lashed (includes friends, siblings, children, spouses, parents and pets)
  • If you cancel OR reschedule 24 hours or less, a $15 FEE will be charged on your next appointment
  • If you need to reschedule, you need to let me know the date you want to change it to WITHIN 24 HOURS or you will LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT and it will NOT be transferred to the rescheduled appointment
  • Once you cancel an appointment you automatically lose any promo codes associated with that appointment 
  • If you cancel your appointment 3 TIMES IN A ROW I will no longer take you as a client.
  • If you pull a ‘No Show’ you will no longer be able to book my services
  • If you are 5 mins late, let me know. If you are running 10 mins late you will be charged a $10 LATE FEE (non negotiable). If you are running 15+ mins late your appointment will be CANCELLED or you can pay a $20 LATE FEE (non negotiable) to keep your appointment for that day
  • I do not refill other artists' work
  • Refills must be booked within 3 weeks from last appointment, after the 3 week mark you will be CHARGED THE PRICE OF A FULL SET
  • If you lose your loyalty card, you start all over again. If you forget to bring your loyalty card to your appointment or forget to get it signed the day of, then you forfeit the signature for that appointment
  • ALL payment methods other than cash (debit, credit, Apple Pay, and E-transfer) WILL BE CHARGED 13% TAX.